Prime Day is Amazon’s biggest sale of the year, rivaling Black Friday at this point, and the company is already drumming up hype for Prime Day 2021 with a heavy slate of early Prime Day deals. But while there will undoubtedly be plenty of game deals and gaming accessories on sale, consoles are a big question mark this year, especially the PlayStation 5. Discounts are out of the question, of course, but many gamers are still trying to get their hands on the PS5 at all, leaving one question looming over this year’s big sale: Will Amazon restock the PS5 on Prime Day?

Anyone who’s been trying to buy a PS5 over the past seven months is all too familiar with the endlessly frustrating restock situation. Most retailers aren’t selling them in brick-and-mortar stores at all, and online restocks disappear seemingly in a matter of seconds. PS5 restocks are sporadic and aren’t usually announced ahead of time, and an entire Twitter culture has sprung up around the demand for the console, with accounts tracking restocks in real time. But compared to its competitors, Amazon has been largely absent from the PS5 restock conversation, as the console has only popped up there a handful of times since launch. So it’s no surprise people may be wondering whether Amazon is gearing up for a big PS5 restock on Prime Day.

Will there be a PS5 restock on Prime Day?

Unfortunately, no PS5 restock has been confirmed for Amazon Prime Day. In fact, Amazon hasn’t commented on the PS5 stock situation at all, and the few restocks that have happened weren’t announced by Amazon ahead of time. The listings for the PS5 and PS5 Digital have a message that reads, “Current unavailable. We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.”

However, the fact that Amazon hasn’t had many major PS5 restocks since the console launched seven months ago lends weight to the idea that the retailer may be hoarding consoles so it can have a massive PS5 drop on Prime Day. There’s an obvious benefit in using the PS5 to draw thousands of customers to its site on Prime Day, where they might continue browsing the deals afterward.

On the other hand, Prime Day has a history of crashing the retailer’s site in the past, and a PS5 restock would only make that more likely. It’s possible Amazon wouldn’t risk the traffic overload that a PS5 restock would certainly bring during its biggest sale of the year. However, Amazon could restock in the days leading up to Prime Day as an “early Prime Day offer” to help drum up interest in the sale without threatening to crash the site and affect millions of non-gaming customers.

Another piece to this equation is all of the competing retailers who will be running their own sales during Prime Day. At least two have confirmed sales that conveniently overlap with Amazon’s event: Walmart’s Deals for Days runs June 20-23, while Target’s Deal Days runs June 20-22. We expect to see competing sales from GameStop and Best Buy announced before long as well. All four of these retailers have a much stronger history of PS5 restocks than Amazon, and it would be a major power play to announce a PS5 drop during Prime Day to steal some of Amazon’s thunder.

Best Buy and Target never announce their PS5 drops ahead of time, so you’d want to keep a close eye on their listings during Prime Day (as well as restock-tracking Twitter accounts). Walmart will reveal its drops ahead of time, with the exact restock time usually updating on the listings a few hours beforehand. Meanwhile, GameStop tends to announce its restocks on social media roughly an hour beforehand, and these usually feature bundles rather than standalone consoles.

TL;DR: We don’t know for sure if the PS5 will be in stock on Prime Day, but there’s a fairly good chance it’ll pop up somewhere, either at Amazon or one of its competitors. You’ll want to be ready with your payment and shipping information updated at all major retailers and keep your eye on both Twitter and direct listings in the week leading up to and during the event. As always, the key to successfully buying a PS5 is being ready, having notifications turned on, and making sure your retailer accounts are up to date. We have more tips on how to boost your chances of securing a PS5 in our PS5 restock guide.

Check PS5 inventory at retailers

Prime Day PS5 deals

Though we’ll be closely tracking to see whether the PS5 makes an appearance during Prime Day, what we can bet on is a slew of deals on PlayStation games and accessories at Amazon and its competitors. Prime Day PS5 deals will include discounts on PS5 games and backwards compatible PS4 games, PlayStation Plus, PS5 headsets, external hard drives, and much more, and we’ll be here to track the very best offers. With Sony’s Days of Play sale still running until June 9, you can take advantage of some of the best prices on PS5 games and accessories already, especially when it comes to memberships like PS Plus and PS Now. Check out some of the great PS4 and PS5 deals available ahead of Prime Day below.

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