As with the other games in the Nier and Drakengard series, Nier Replicant features multiple endings. They’re critical to understanding Nier Replicant, since these endings provide a more complete picture of its story and offer critical narrative context. While it’s necessary to replay chunks of the game in order to see all the endings, you don’t have to play through the entire game again. However, there are some specific requirements you’ll need to be aware of.

I am going to avoid as many spoilers as possible in this guide, despite this being about the endings–it’s actually quite easy to explain how to get them without giving the pertinent story details away. After all, I want you all to feel and experience these emotional conclusions for yourself, too. (It’s kinda why I’m doing this for y’all.)

If you want to know how the game is overall, be sure to check out my full review of Nier Replicant, or check out our comparison video of the original Nier versus this new version. And especially for getting all the endings, be sure to have our guide for obtaining all the weapons in Nier Replicant on-hand (they are required for the additional endings).

Ending A

To see Ending A, you simply need to finish the game the first time around. Pretty simple, right? Yes. There are a few things you can do during this run to make it easier to unlock subsequent endings, such as acquiring as many weapons as possible and completing the side quests that reward you with a required weapon.

Ending B

At the beginning of your path to Ending B, you’ll be taken to a little bit past the start of the second act–this is basically the halfway point of the game. Continue to play the game as you would normally, but pay attention to the new cutscenes that play during this route. You will have subtitles for dialogue from a certain perspective this time around as well. Once you make it to the end, finish the last boss again and you will see the new ending.

You also now have access to the 15 Nightmares content in Route B (which was previously DLC for the original game). You access this by checking the left-most bookshelf in the protagonist’s house on the first floor. It’s essentially three sets of five combat arenas you need to clear. You earn a total of three weapons (one in each series), which are part of the required weapons to unlock subsequent endings.

You don’t have to finish the last fight in the third set since you’re rewarded with the third weapon before it. However, if you’re having trouble with this scenario, you can come back and do it during Route C/D when you’re a few levels higher.

Ending C And D

For Ending C and Ending D, you will need to have acquired every weapon in the game, which comes out to 33 in total. You can obtain all of them by your second run in Route B and not have to worry about them down the line, since your inventory carries over after each previous ending. For more detail on how to do this, be sure to use our guide on how to get all the weapons in Nier Replicant.

Once you have all the weapons, you need to make it to the end of the game and fight the final boss again. (Make sure you use the save point right before you enter this last dungeon and don’t overwrite it so you can reload it for the next ending).

This time around, there will be a new final boss afterward. After this new finale, you will have a choice to make (light, but necessary spoilers below).

After you defeat them, you’ll be presented with one of two dialogue options: to kill this boss or to save them. Choosing to kill them will reward you with Ending C–we would 100% recommend seeing this one first.

Once that’s done, reload your save data prior to entering the final dungeon and fight through the various enemies and bosses again. Once you defeat the new final boss again, you should now choose to save them. And yes, you will have to give up your save data. It’s okay, do it. You will then see Ending D.

Ending E

Now onto the brand-new content for this version of Nier Replicant. Once your data has been erased, you will have to start a new game from the very beginning. However, you may notice some subtle oddities here and there. Regardless, you’ll need to play through a chunk of the first act before getting to the new content.

This brand-new scenario starts after you defeat the giant Shade and talk to Kaine in The Aerie on your second main quest visit to this location–this is about two to three hours into the game if you’re mainlining it.

This new scenario is about an hour-and-a-half to two hours in length, and it is wild. It’s certainly worth the effort to get to this point. The battles ahead can be challenging, but it’s nothing you can’t overcome. This entire epilogue is great, and not only will you be rewarded with Ending E, but you’ll get a nice bonus at the end of it, as well.

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