Delays are par for the course in video games, but developer Triband has decided to buck that trend by accidentally rolling out a massive new Switch update for What the Golf a few days early. The game–which turns the entire idea of golf on its head by going beyond 18 holes with the sport into weird and wild directions–now has three additional packs of content available that were previously released on the Steam and Apple Arcade versions.

This includes the Sporty Sports Pack, It’s Snowtime Pack, and a Challenge mode, each one including the following content:

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Sporty Sports

  • 30 new sporty levels
  • All-new sports gone wrong: Weightlifting golf, Cycling golf, Hurdles golf, and more!
  • Copyright-compliant references to the Olympics

It’s Snowtime

  • 30 new Extra ❄COOL❄ levels and lots of jokes
  • Silly adventure about finding that frozen pizza in the back of the freezer
  • Frozen peas, pizzas, and popsicles

Challenge Mode

  • Content for the people who are actually good at golf!
  • A harder version of all your favorite levels, plus a few new ones
  • Leaderboards

In addition to that, new fixes and optimizations for the Nintendo Switch version of What the Golf will also be available. Beyond that, players can also look forward to a new free campaign called “A Hole New World” that features over 50 new levels with over 1000 holes, game mechanics, more puns, and extra music tracks.

“What the Golf was already excellent on PC and mobile, but the Switch version is the definitive one, especially if you have another player handy,” James O’Connor wrote in his What the Golf review.” It’s still wildly funny, weird, and lots of fun, and if it was just the campaign again, it would still be the best version of the game thanks to the ability to switch between touch and stick controls–but the addition of Party Mode really elevates the whole package.”

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