The Halo Infinite Technical Preview Is Live Until August 2

After a major delay and multiple trailers, a chosen group of players have access to Halo Infinite’s technical preview, or beta, this weekend. The beta started on July 29 and will end on Monday, August 2 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. Players signed up for the beta through Halo Insider, and can now install it on either their Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC via Steam.

While players won’t be able to access Halo Infinite’s campaign during the technical preview this weekend, they will have an opportunity to try out the game’s upcoming free-to-play multiplayer. Throughout the beta, a few different types of playlists will be available, which pit players against both bots and other players.

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Save 50% On These Bone Conduction Wireless Headphones

When you’re trying to soak in the atmosphere of your favorite game, there’s nothing like a good pair of high-quality headphones to build the tension. Whether you’re playing a jump-scare horror game like Five Nights At Freddie’s or a battle royale match in Call of Duty: Warzone, headphones just make everything more intense. If you’re looking for a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones to take your game to the next level, look no further than the Exobone Bone Conduction Headphones, which are 50% off right now at only $77
(reg. $157).

Bone conduction headphones are the latest innovation in personal sound technology, ensuring that you can hear crisp, clear noise from your headphones while avoiding ear damage and needing to take out your earbuds to hear anything else. Sitting right above your ear canal, you’ll never have the discomfort of your earbuds falling out or being distracted while working out,

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One Of The Best Gameplay And Screen Recording Software On The Market Is Just $10

Gaming videos have taken over the internet. Whether on YouTube or elsewhere, recordings of people playing online games and giving some kind of reaction or commentary regularly get millions of views. The only requirements seem to be having a computer and a microphone, and you can begin putting your footage out into the world for everybody to see. There are other reasons you might want to record your gameplay, but this is probably the most common one. But when you’re getting started down this kind of path, it can be difficult to decide which software to use in order to get the highest quality video of your gameplay.

The Action! Screen & Gameplay Recorder
is one of the most popular screen and gameplay recording software on the market. It typically lists for $29 and is on sale now for just $10. With HD video quality, low CPU usage, and no

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Learn How To Create Your Own Video Games By Mastering Unity For Just $40

Love video games but have no idea how they are made? Interested in joining one of the biggest industries in the world? You can learn to become a video game creator without needing years of school or thousands of dollars.
The 2021 Complete Learn to Code by Making Games in Unity Bundle
is on sale right now for only $40!

Taught by the game design experts at Mammoth Interactive, this bundle comes with over 100 hours of content on the coding languages that use the Unity game engine. From battle royales to shooters and even RPGs, Unity lets you take control and design the game that you have always dreamed of. For less than $5 an hour, you too can design indie games for the whole world. Make your dreams real with the 2021 Complete Learn to Code by Making Games in Unity Bundle.

Learn how to design 2D and

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Get A Lifetime Of VPN Protection And An Anonymous Phone Line For Just $30

With how connected everything is now, it’s easier than ever for organizations to access your data or spy on you. Keep up your defenses with
the Lifetime Mobile Privacy and Security Subscription Bundle
, on sale for $30.

Containing lifetime subscriptions to Hushed Private Phone Line and KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, this bundle will make sure that your phone data is sealed and only accessible to you. No more apps or Wi-Fi networks pillaging your data, getting spam calls, or being catfished into revealing your private information.

Hushed Private Phone Line provides you with a second phone number; no need to switch SIM cards or get a burner phone. You can save your real number for trusted contacts while using Hushed for marketing, work, dating, business, or anything else where you are wary of giving your phone number. With tens of thousands of downloads in Google Play, Hushed has proven to

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