Assassin’s Creed Producer Teases New Game With PlayStation

Assassin’s Creed producer Jade Raymond has teased the first game from her new studio, Haven, which has aligned itself exclusively with PlayStation. In an interview with, Raymond spoke at a high level about Haven’s ambitions for its first game, which is a new IP, and she also talked about why aligning with Sony was the right call.

Raymond said Haven’s first game is going to be “really ambitious” and showcase what the PS5 is capable of. She also teased that the game’s file size might be truly massive, and that game-streaming technology might play a role in its execution. Raymond is taking learnings from her time at Google on the Stadia team and applying them to Haven, apparently.

“What does it mean to support the first terabyte game? What does it mean to support this level of data? All of these things that we learnt to make game streaming

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