Halo Infinite Rockstar Energy Drinks Come With Double XP, Special DLC, And Chance To Win Xbox Series X

After teasing it weeks ago, Microsoft has now officially announced its partnership with Rockstar Energy for special cans of the energy drink that come with in-game DLC and double XP for Halo Infinite.

The cans are now available in the US and Canada, and they come in original, sugar-free, fruit punch, silver ice, and blackberry goji flavors.

The promotion runs through December 31. In that time, everyone who buys a specially marked can will find a code under the tab that unlocks double XP and Challenge Swaps (which are part of Halo Infinite’s new challenge-based XP progression system). Some codes unlock an emblem inspired by the Banished version of the Gravity Hammer. Other codes come with the “Nocturne Star” collection that includes skins for the MA40 weapon and the Warthog and Razorback vehicles. You can see this DLC below. This DLC is presumably exclusive to this Rockstar promotion.

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