Pokemon Unite Release Date Is July 21 On Switch, Free Zeraora Available

Pokemon Unite, the first strategic team battle game MOBA for the series, will release on July 21 for Nintendo Switch, The Pokemon Company has announced. Additionally, it was announced that everyone who logs into the free-to-play game by August 31 will get Zeraora to use. The freebie offer will eventually be available on mobile when the game is released there.

Zeraora is an electric-type Pokemon that can do “massive damage in the blink of an eye.” Zeraora’s special Unite move emits an electric blast that puts out plasma.

Pokemon Unite is also coming to mobile devices, but not until September. There will be cross-play between the Switch and mobile editions of the game. Cross-progression is available, too, by logging in using your Nintendo Account or Pokemon Trainer Club account.

Pokemon Unite is set on Aeos Island, which is the home to the Unite Battle Committee. This group organizes Unite Battle

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