We Definitely Didn’t Kill Quria In Destiny 2, Did We?

Destiny 2’s weekly story in the Season of the Splicer has been some of its best ever. A big part of that is the ongoing, unfolding mystery of the actions undertaken by Savathun, the looming Hive god enemy Bungie has been slowly developing since the release of vanilla Destiny 2. Savathun’s whole deal is executing elaborate, spooky plans that are all about deception and obfuscation–tricking you literally makes her stronger. And that makes this week’s new events in Destiny 2 extremely suspect. Warning: We’re about to get into story spoilers for this season.

If you’re not fully caught up, the Season of the Splicer has been marked by the Endless Night, a weird Vex simulation that’s somehow blocked out the sun in the Last City, where all the humans and Guardians live. It might be the slow-burningest threat ever in Destiny; the Endless Night isn’t a bomb or a ship

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What Has Changed Recently With ?

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Op Adventure Hit We Were Here On Twitch

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