Arma 3 Is Getting An Expansive Vietnam Campaign DLC

Of the many military sims that are available to gamers, the Arma series probably takes its source material most seriously. Now, a third-party developer is using the game’s suite of tools to create S.O.G. Prairie Fire, a serious and realistic recreation of the Vietnam war.

The expansion is being built by developers Savage Game Design within Arma 3, as reported by Kotaku, and is basically its own complete game. The DLC will launch complete with a narrated single-player campaign, new single-player and multiplayer scenarios, and a multiplayer co-op campaign.

The crowning glory of S.O.G. Prairie Fire is the Cam Lao Nam Terrain, a 300 km² open-world battlefield designed to represent the Vietnam War’s entire Area of Operations. The game will also seek to recreate the unique weapons, uniforms, and other equipment of the various combatants involved in the Vietnam war.

Developer Savage Game Design says it developed the game in

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