When you’re trying to soak in the atmosphere of your favorite game, there’s nothing like a good pair of high-quality headphones to build the tension. Whether you’re playing a jump-scare horror game like Five Nights At Freddie’s or a battle royale match in Call of Duty: Warzone, headphones just make everything more intense. If you’re looking for a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones to take your game to the next level, look no further than the Exobone Bone Conduction Headphones, which are 50% off right now at only $77
(reg. $157).

Bone conduction headphones are the latest innovation in personal sound technology, ensuring that you can hear crisp, clear noise from your headphones while avoiding ear damage and needing to take out your earbuds to hear anything else. Sitting right above your ear canal, you’ll never have the discomfort of your earbuds falling out or being distracted while working out, gaming, or just doing things around the house. Exobone’s Bone Conduction Headphones
feature a bud-free, pain-free slim design so you can keep listening all day.

The Exobone Bone Conduction Headphones
’ design is foldable, slim, and lightweight while still delivering crystal-clear sound wirelessly, so you never need to slow down. At 50% off, the Exobone Bone Conduction Headphones are a great deal for anyone looking to get the most out of their gaming experience. From footsteps to explosions, you’ll hear everything in crisp, clear sound. These headphones are on sale for only $77
(reg. $157).

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