Developer Lucid Games took to Reddit to outline some upcoming Destruction AllStars updates, with one specifically adding online bots to all of the PS5-exclusive vehicular combat game’s modes except for Blitz.

The studio said it recognizes Destruction AllStars’ peak times and how unpopulated servers can become, hence the inclusion of online bots. Whenever real players can’t fill a match, online bots will step in as their replacement. This occurs on all game modes except for Blitz, with Lucid Games saying that the competitive mode “will never feature [online bots].”

Two other planned updates for Destruction AllStars include the introduction of Global Parties for players to more easily group-up with friends and a Playlist feature that lets players select the specific game mode they want.

Lucid said there aren’t any “definitive dates for when these [updates] go live” but assured fans more content drops are planned and coming soon.

Other features hitting Destruction AllStars are tweaks to ghost hits and slams, balance adjustments for characters and vehicles, and changes to all abilities. Similarly, there’s no date for when these updates will roll out.

Destruction AllStars launched as a free PlayStation Plus title for a limited time. It’s now priced at $20, features microtransactions, and has a $40 Deluxe Edition packed with in-game content like currency and skins.

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