The community director at Halo developer 343 Industries has commented on the possibility of Master Chief coming to Super Smash Bros., and it doesn’t sound good.

Brian Jarrard said on Tuesday, before the Nintendo Direct at E3 2021, that it would be “amazing” to see Chief come to Smash Bros. But unfortunately, he’s here to say, “Nothing is happening that I’m aware of.” That said, Jarrard said if fans make enough noise, that could potentially get the ball rolling in some capacity. He said fans should direct their excitement about this to Xbox boss Phil Spencer and Nintendo’s Doug Bowser.

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Some people believed Chief might come to Smash due in part to Microsoft previously working with Nintendo to bring Banjo to Smash in the past. Not only that, but 2021 is the year of Halo Infinite, leading some to speculate about the cross-promotion opportunities.

Alas, however, it’s not happening–at least not yet. As Jarrard said, the door isn’t shut completely, even if it doesn’t seem likely to happen soon.

Nintendo is still cooking up new DLC characters for Smash Bros. Ultimate, with Tekken’s Kazuya coming to the game next. A full Nintendo Direct focused on Kazuya is coming up later this month, so it won’t be long until we learn more.

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