Super Mario 3D All-Stars – Mario’s Journey to a Functional Camera

Playing three games spanning more than a decade is a strange experience. Playing them all a full 13 years after the last one released makes it a little stranger. It’s also decidedly the way Nintendo likes to do things. They’ve doubled and tripled down on re-releasing their first-party content in recent years. However, even though I hadn’t previously completed any of these games, it felt like there was a missed opportunity in not remaking (or at least solidly remastering) some of them. Yet, even in their original state, the games in Super Mario 3D All-Stars hold up as well as any game could.

Super Mario 64

The originator of the 3D Mario path is undeniably one of the roughest to play. The visuals are only a small part of the problem though. Despite being hamstrung by very limited draw distance, low resolution all around, pop-in issues, and the general

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Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin PS4 Review

From developer Edelweiss and publisher XSEED Games comes Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, the new action platformer/farming simulator. The game has an interesting plot and takes a unique approach to its gameplay, yet it struggles to be consistently entertaining towards the end.

From Divine Origins

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin follows Sakuna, a Japanese goddess of agriculture who one day, unintentionally lets a makeshift family of starving humans invade the realm of gods. This consequently ruins the offering of rice meant for a ceremony. As punishment, Sakuna is sent to an island with humans as it becomes host to a demon invasion. She also must vanquish said demons while simultaneously growing new rice as a replacement. Sakuna being the bratty goddess that she is, doesn’t take this too lightly yet has no other option but to get down and dirty by exploring and fighting the demons inhabiting the island.

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Visage – A Haunting Experience (PS4 Review)

Visage is one of the many horror games that strive to imitate P.T. For those who don’t know, P.T is a short playable teaser of the sadly canceled Silent Hills. The short little teaser didn’t have much of a story or gameplay, but no one can deny the atmosphere and horror factors were through the roof. Ever since Silent Hills cancellation,  fans and game developers have taken it upon themselves to re-create what was lost. Some achieved this decently like Infliction. Some needed more work like Layers of Fear. So, where does Visage fit on the spectrum?

After putting 10+ hours into it, I can safely say Visage is the best P.T clone out to date. Visage is an excellent horror game that captures the spirit of P.T with it’s haunting atmosphere, subtly, and compelling mystery. However, Visage does feel like a culmination of the decades worth of horror

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