Sony Might Be Planning More PS5’s Director’s Cuts — Here’s What We Want To See

Although a formal program for releasing them has not yet been announced, Sony has signaled its intention to launch so-called director’s cuts of various first-party PS4 games. So far, two such projects have been announced: Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima. But with more potentially on the way, which games would we most like to see get this re-release treatment?

It’s worth noting that it’s unclear if these are really director’s cuts in the literal sense, with their respective directors being able to release their un-cut or original visions for the games. The term director’s cut is traditionally used in the film industry to describe versions of movies that are more in line with a single vision, restoring content that was originally cut from the final product because of other considerations–like studio mandates, early feedback, and what have you.

Sony’s director’s cuts, on the other hand, appear to be more

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Reddit person Maux01 has created an internet site the place gamers can make their very own Fortnite Skins. Lazarbeam confirmed that he does indeed have his personal icon sequence skin on the way, dropping as early as march four.

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