More traffic? Not the solution.

There was a period of my life where all I thought about was finding more methods to bring more traffic to my website. I already had traffic, and fact is I was not paying attention to it. All I had in my mind was: ‘if I get more traffic I will make more money’. After a lot of research, I found some information regarding the importance of landing pages. After analyzing and studying the information thoroughly, I learned my lesson. I jumped immediately to my landing page and apply the information I learned. I have to tell you: I was very angry with myself. I had the need to solve the problem, so I did even more research on how to design landing pages properly. The idea was to improve it so I can get better conversions. Let me tell you, it worked. Today, I’m going to share with you what I learned, so you can apply the advice to your landing page and get better conversions:

Fatal mistakes that you can and should avoid:

1) Be very clear.

When you insert a lot of links on your sales page, potential clients get confused. Fact is, it can really leave them very disorganized. What you are doing with this, is that you’re giving them too many choices, and that’s not what you need, what you need is to give them only one choice.

2) Design Disaster.

Have you heard that the first impression is what counts? Well, it’s true. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the internet or in the real world. Actually, in the internet visitor can get that first impression even faster, in less than a second. Think about it, that’s not too much time to woo them right? This is why you have to avoid using what is known as overly colorful choices of design on your website, this will only distract and even damaging your possible client.

3) Reputation.

If your business is new and you are building your brand, you need to start earning the trust of your visitors. This, if you want to establish a business relationship with them. Using testimonials from recognized people is a very excellent method to build this reputation to your company.

4) Information Overload.

Please don’t squeeze a lot of information in your landing page. I mean, yes it’s good to provide as much detail to you possible clients about the product or service you’re offering, but there’s a limit. Those huge boring wall of text end in nothing but in failure, so please avoid that. Visitors tend to be turned off when there’s too much to read. They’ll think at least half of what you wrote on the landing page is bullshit, thus they will just leave your site.

5) Form Filling.

Sometimes it’s OK to gather additional information from visitors by using forms, but there’s a limit. You can really tell when a form has too many fields to fill. The limit is when the user has to scroll down to continue filling the form. Visitors don’t like this, it actually bores them, so please be very precise when requesting information, don’t request more of what you really need.